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Looking for a fic

Hi all!

I'm looking for the following fic:
Acts Like Summer, Walks Like Rain by mikeandharveytime

The fic used to be on AO3 but I've noticed that the author has taken all of their Marvey fics offline.

Here's the summary of the fic: Mike is a famous musician who, to avoid the paparazzi, happens to stumble into the gay bar where Harvey is working to pay for college. After spending a night together, both of their worlds begin spinning wildly out of control. Harvey needs to figure out how to be okay, how to maybe live without Mike, and how to end his relationship with someone who ended it a long time ago. Mike needs to figure out how to take care of the boy that he can’t be without, how to keep his career going and stay true to himself, and if Harvey is worth changing everything. What will become of their relationship with the people around them? What will become of their relationship? Is Harvey worth it?

I've rarely read a fic where Harvey is younger than Mike and is the more vulnerable one. Typically it's always Harvey that's in the position of power. The author did a brilliant job with the role reversal.

If someone has a copy of this fic, can you pretty please send me a copy? It would only be for my personal use, I wouldn't pass it forward. I would normally post this comment on suits_ficfind, but the site hasn't been active in 3 years. Hence why I'm posting it here instead.

My email is:

Thanks in advance for your help :-)
Tags: character: harvey specter, character: mike ross, fic, pairing: harvey specter/mike ross, rating: r, slash
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